The Magic Bus

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The Magic Bus

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Riding on the Magic Bus to roast marshmallows with the other campers was great fun. Does anyone have photos of the Magic Bus in operation. I thought I saw a yellow bus in the dump years later (somewhere around 1968), but I just can't remember if that was the actual Magic Bus.
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Re: The Magic Bus

Post by gary »

There was a short bus before the magic bus, there is a picture of part of it in the activities -> camp album (i attached a thumbnail)
that was probably what you saw in the dump.

there is a picture of part of the magic in the the after closing -> post fire album and i attached a thumbnail

I took a nice picture of it in '73 and once i find the picture, i will scan it and post it.

I would love to see a nice picture of it also. if anyone has it, I will post it on the photo gallery
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